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Episode 13

Food and DEIB:
Catherine Piccoli

Join Dr. Fadia Nordtveit in the Season 1 Finale where she talks to Catherine Piccoli about all things Food and DEIB.

Catherine Piccoli

Catherine Piccoli is a historian, writer, and curator whose work focuses on the intersection of food, culture, memory, and place. She brings a multidisciplinary approach to the Museum of Food and Drink as a curatorial director, where she oversees the creation of exhibitions and robust public programming for adults and children. Catherine led the development of MOFAD's major exhibitions- African/American: Making the Nation's Table, Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant, and Flavor: Making It and Faking It- as well as gallery shows- Highlights from the Collection, Knights of the Raj NYC, and Feasts and Festivals. She has been part of the MOFAD team since October 2014 and served as the museum's interim president from March through December 2020.

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Catherine is a committee member of the James Beard Foundation's Leadership Awards. In 2021, she served as the juror for Dough, a national art exhibition at Hera Gallery in Rhode Island. Catherine holds an M.A. in Food Studies from Chatham University and a B.S. with honors in Social and Cultural History from Carnegie Mellon University.

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