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Episode 12

Conversations and DEIB: David Glasgow

Join Dr. Fadia Nordtveit and David Glasgow where they talk about conversations and DEIB.

David Glasgow

David Glasgow is the executive director of the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging and an adjunct professor at NYU School of Law. He graduated with a BA in philosophy and an LLB (First Class Honors) from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and clerked on the Federal Court of Australia. A dual-qualified attorney in New York and Australia, he practiced employment, labor relations, and antidiscrimination law at law firm King & Wood Mallesons before completing his Master of Laws (LLM) at NYU School of Law in 2014, where he was awarded the David H. Moses Memorial Prize and the George Colin Award. He has written for a range of publications including the Harvard Business Review, HuffPost, and Slate, and served as an associate director of the Public Interest Law Center at NYU School of Law prior to his current role.

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Say The Right Thing

David Glasgow and Kenji Yoshino came together and wrote this book, “Say the Right Thing: How to Talk about Identity, Diversity, and
Justice." This book is described as a shame-free guide for navigating conversations across our differences at a time of rapid social change. This book talks about difficult topics to speak about such as race, gender, and LGBTQ+, they try and break the unspoken tension that is felt and urge people to have these conversations in order to progress society to become more inclusive. Yoshino and Glasgow aim to find and hopefully make new allies to help evolve society into creating a more
inclusive world.

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