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Episode 10

VR and DEIB - Into the Metaverse

Join Dr. Fadia Nordtveit's conversation with Amir Berenjian about Virtual Reality and DEIB.

Amir Berenjian

Amir is the Co-Founder and CEO of REM5, a group of MN-based, immersive technology companies focused on empowering its partners with emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, WEB3, and the metaverse. Having worked with a broad range of groups from schools to fortune 500 companies to consumer brands, Amir is a global thought leader in designing, creating, and implementing immersive technology tools at scale.

Prior to founding REM5, Amir spent 12+ years in investment banking and corporate finance with a focus on mergers & acquisitions – BMO Capital Markets, Greene Holcomb Fisher and Chartwell Capital Solutions. He has been involved in more than 100 M&A transactions across a broad range of industries, with companies ranging from $10 million to more than $1 billion in revenue.


REM5 VR LAB is an exciting, social experience for you and your friends or family to explore the wonders of modern virtual reality. 

​Our process is very similar to your favorite bowling alley. Instead of a lane, you rent a VR POD for your group where you have full access to our curated offering of world-class VR experiences. While at your POD, you can also enjoy a full menu of great food made in house and drinks including beer and wine. Watch this video for more.

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