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Workplace and DEIB: Measuring Inclusion in the Workplace

Arshiya Malik

Arshiya Malik is the co-founder of Aleria. A company that focuses on social inclusion in the corporate setting. Arshiya studied at Vassar college and Columbia university and worked for The Global Autism Project.

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Aleria has developed a framework for measuring inclusion and pinpointing where organizations can focus their Diversity & Inclusion resources. Leveraging our Categories of Inclusion, we can link the day-today experiences of employees to clear opportunities to drive change.

Organizations are spending billions on D&I initiatives, but the needle isn't moving. This is in part due to the fact that virtually all data, initiatives and success metrics focus on only diversity. Focusing on Inclusion will help you improve recruitment strategies, increase employee satisfaction, achieve diversity goals and drive business performance. Let us show you how.

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